Craft Review: Rose Art window art

Craft Review: Rose Art window art

I don’t think you can go wrong with this one.

For my daughter’s seventh birthday, she received several great craft kits and other goodies. One kit that we have been playing with nearly daily is her Rose Art Window Art kit. It’s a very simple concept: you just take the small plastic square included in the kit, place it over the large stencils, and trace them with the included puffy paint. Allow the paint to dry, gently pull off your creations from the plastic, and voila—you have instant window clings in addition to a reusable canvass!

We did have some troubles with our very first batch. My daughter had me do an outline with black paint and we let it dry before filling it in, but once she did she used way too much paint. She filled it in, then created fun swirls that looked almost tie-dye. However, they were so thick and layered that they did not dry correctly and instead muddied into one another until there was nothing but black in the lizard she painted. So we learned quickly that you only want to use a single layer of paint if you can.

We also learned to limit yourself to only two designs at a time—three if they are small—because if you don’t, you may bleed them together to where you cannot separate them correctly. We had one tear because we did not space them far enough apart. Even if you draw them separately, you have to ensure that your child will not over paint beyond the borders and into the next cling.

As long as you allow the clings to completely dry, they will likely work. You can post them on any glass, from a window to a mirror or cabinet door, in your home. Be sure that the glass is fully clean before you hang your clings or they won’t stick very well, if at all.

Something else you can do is create your own cling designs rather than the ones that are on the template. The template is great—it has a wide range of animals, treats and other designs that both boys and girls are sure to enjoy—but it’s also great that kids can use their imagination with this craft and make their own designs, from their own art to club symbols and other designs.

This is a gift I would definitely give to another friend or family member as it has brought us so much joy. My only worry is obtaining more paint, which I’m sure we can do easily either in store or online.